Perceptive Supports all Phases of Business Process Management

Fulfill organisational goals with Perceptive Process

You have a mission to substantially improve your organisation – to align the way you do business with your primary business goals, whether they are to service your customers better, to do more with less, or to reduce operational risk.

But to do this you need a tool that can help you align your organisation with your goals in a structured way based on evidence, not guesswork.

While many of your processes are supported by your enterprise applications, they still leave you with limited control over the big-picture combination of computerised and manual processes that can impact your team’s success.

Business process management (BPM) automates your daily workflows through a thoughtful combination of software and expertise that tightly integrates with and extends your enterprise applications without compromising their integrity. Then, far from being a one-time exercise, it simply becomes a part of how you do business – a continuous cycle of improvement for any process in your organisation

Process Discovery

Process Discovery illuminates the reality of your processes, exposing bottlenecks in people and technology that disrupt the flow of productivity. Perceptive Process Mining will give you a fact-based head start on problem resolution.

Process Design

Process Design uses the insight you’ve gained to model your processes for better results. Perceptive Process Modelling gives you everything you need to rethink your processes. Perceptive Process documentation provides the tools needed to publish the processes you've designed, to make everyone understand the impact of their work on the work of others and how they add value to organisational goals.

Process Execution

Process Execution delivers the processes you’ve modelled to a desktop or a mobile device as user-ready applications. Perceptive’s content-based workflow supports your organisation in structuring your processes, maximising the number of transactions your team is able to process, direct, approve and complete. With its more flexible and agile case management approach, Perceptive provides the optimised process support that knowledge workers need to get their work done in the most efficient way, while keeping an overview of everything their customers need.

Process Monitoring

Process Monitoring and Improvement allows you to make quick adjustments and adapt to changes the future may throw your way. Perceptive Process Analytics provides immediate insight into your current operations with the ability to immediately act on unbalanced workloads or operational disturbances, and to identify and analyse operational problems to find their root cause. .

Whether it’s reducing a process from fifteen actions to six, responding to the exceptions that are simply a part of real life, or automating manual steps to gain control and visibility where previously there was none, process management is key to making sure your enterprise applications perform.

Document Management

Workflow supports and enhances Perceptive document management functionality.

Process Mining

Discover, analyse and improve your processes.

Case Management

Empower your process experts to do more.