Perceptive Technical Platform

A strong technical foundation for today, and a complete system for future growth

Perceptive Software’s entire family of content and process management products was designed with an architecture and set of technologies that represent qualities we summarise as FORSS: fast, open, reliable, scalable and secure.


High performance is woven into every aspect of the Perceptive platform, from a server design optimized for a wide range of processors, to a proprietary streamlined client-server protocol that outruns off-the-shelf alternatives. Distributed system architecture, integrated performance monitoring tools, and active/active server clustering keep everything swift even in large-scale ECM installations.


Perceptive’s process and content management products are equipped with the tools you need to get and stay connected with nearly every modern or legacy system you have in place. You can integrate quickly with LearnMode – our patented point-and-click visual integration technology – or select from a wide range of tools for programmatic integration, including scripting options, web services and even URL integration.

Support for design models such as WSDL and SOAP, as well as REST-style architecture, lets your organisation directly incorporate mission-critical Perceptive Software capabilities into applications, portals and desktop environments using the development tools you already have.


Reliability is not a feature that can be tacked on to software – it has to be infused into the product at every stage of its creation and deployment through intelligent engineering, an uncompromising development methodology and effective system implementation techniques. Our distributed architecture isolates problems and reduces the likelihood of any component being a single point of failure.

And with its support for redundant storage systems and high-availability active/active server clustering, the Perceptive platform guards against potential hardware and network issues that can affect any application.


Perceptive’s platform was designed to be highly scalable, starting with a hybrid data model that keeps database and content storage speedy and expandable, no matter how big or fast you need it to grow.

The ease of expanding, automating and managing your ECM environment is another factor in successful scalability. With its multiple client platform options, you’ll grow your user base rapidly and keep them updated with a sophisticated deployment server option.


Perceptive’s platform takes security as seriously as you do, starting with rigorous user authentication and authorisation technology. Plus, there’s interactive control of content access and user actions for as many users and groups as you need to set up.

With secure digital signatures technology, encrypted internode communications and comprehensive auditing and logging features, you’ll protect valuable data and meet regulatory obligations.

Our “Elements of FORSS” white paper provides complete details about why so many companies succeed by building ECM systems around the Perceptive Technical Platform.

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